The Elderly Need a Lot of Sleep

Working with the elderly, I’ve discovered one thing.  They all need a lot of sleep.

The amount of sleep is different for each person.

There is no set age when this sets in.

The elderly need a lot of sleep
The elderly need a lot of sleep

There are numerous factors that play into these factors, such as

  • effects of medicine
  • diseases they have been diagnosed with {Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, etc}
  • activity level
  • age
  • the more activity wears them out the more rest they usually need {for example if just getting in and out of car or going out to eat is too much, then they may sleep for a while upon return}

Just as young children need a lot of sleep, so do the elderly.

They need the time to rest and rejuvenate their system.

There are times when their agitation or moods may be enhanced due to the lack of rest and sleep needed.

How much does your loved one sleep?

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