What is Creative Wellness?

We are all creative in some way, although some people are more Intune to their creative side.

Creative wellness is understanding what and how to use our creative side.

Do you embrace your creativity?
Do you embrace your creativity?

This includes:

  • How to be creative
  • Utilizing our creative side
  • Discovering how to learn to be creative
  • Daydreaming, Brainstorming and visualizing
  • Making the most of our creativity
  • Turning our creativity into a hobby
  • Turning our creative hobby into a sideline business
  • To not censor ourselves
  • Do not be too critical
  • To reach for our dreams
  • To collaborate with others


What is your greatest struggle with creative wellness?

bad 2

Creativity Thursday: 7 Ways to Recover from a Bad Review

bad 2



The song has been written, the portrait painted or the book written, but none of these are well received.

The critics are harsh, your fans are not impressed and nothing is selling.

So what do we do?

  1. We cry—allow yourself the opportunity to mourn for the project
  2. We gather feedback—at times critics can be harsh, but are there tips that you can use in that critic.  How about the feedback from your fans?  What are they saying?bad
  3. We re-evaluate—we take the information from our critics and fans and re-evaluate that information.  What parts of this is valid?
  4. We are brutally honest with ourselves—this is difficult to be so brutally honest with ourselves about our “baby”.   Why did this not work?  Was this a pet project?  Was this a process that was cathartic or helped through grief?  Was this a project just for us?
  5. We revamp—is this something we want to improve?  Does the book or song need rewriting? Is there one particular area that needs the most work?
  6. We move on—sometimes the best thing is to move on to another project and put our failure on the backburner.   Later on we can decide if we want to revisit it.
  7. We learn from the process—life and art is a learning experience.  Not everything is going to be a hit!  In the beginning of our careers, especially, there is a steep learning curve.  What can we learn?  How can this process help us to be a better individual and a better artists?


How do you recover from a bad review?


Creativity Thursday: 9 Ways to Survive as a Starving Artists





Some people may enjoy being a starving artists, but most people don’t.

Talent and a dream is a great motivator, but there are times when it’s not enough.  Even some of the great artists of our day struggled for years before being discovered or reaching the pinnacle of their success.

In the meantime, the rent must be paid and food must be put on the table.

So what are some ways to provide for oneself while reaching that dream?

  1. Ask yourself is this a legitimate dream that can be reached? Are you being realistic?
  2. Do you have the drive and determination to reach the dream through all of the negativity or criticism?Starving Artists
  3. Find a job that is flexible with your dreams
  4. Do you need additional training, education or mentoring?
  5. How can you continue to polish your skills and talent?
  6. How can you use your talent to help others in your area?  Can you play for a nursing home or church?  Teach art at a local school?  Direct community theatre?  Write for your church?
  7. Find a group of other starving artists—you’ll be amazed at what you can learn from one another, provide a critique and offer encouragement to one another.
  8. Do you have other skills and talents to lean on?  How can you use these to gain experience and bring in extra income?
  9. Step out of the box—find innovative ways that are out of the box and out of your comfort zone to let others notice your gift and talent.

What other ways have you moved from starving artists to professional artists?

reach for dreams

Creativity Thursday: 9 Steps to make your creative dreams a reality

I would love to be able to make a full time living writing, but I have not reached that point yet.

However there are ways to turn a creative dream into a reality.

  1. Determine your dream—what do you want to do more than anything

    Dare to Dream and Reach for the Stars
    Dare to Dream and Reach for the Stars
  2. Determine the steps needed to reach this dream—what are the steps you need to reach this particular dream and goal
  3. Be honest—is this dream a reality?  Can you work towards being a full time writer or a singer?  Or do you want to be a basketball player, although you’re only 4’8?  Be honest if this is doable and if it is not then how can you make it doable.  You could become a basketball coach, cover the game for a local radio station or write the articles for the newspaper?
  4. Write out your dream—people are more likely to reach a goal when they write it down
  5. Learn, Learn, Learn—is returning to school an option?  Do you need a coach?  Conferences, seminars, blogs on your specialty, books and online classes are a great way to learn and grow.
  6. Practice, Practice, Practice—begin working on the craft and learning
  7. Network—whether it is attending conferences and seminars, joining local groups or finding a critique group find ways to network and continue learning.
  8. Business—remember that you are working towards establishing a business.  Learn all you need to know about the business aspects of your industry.  I know I’ve learned a lot through trial and error.
  9. Perseverance—don’t give up.  The path is never straight and narrow.  There will be many twists and turns along the way.  The goal is to never give up but keep learning, practicing and working hard to move forward.


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creativity inner child

Creative Thursday: 9 Ways to Tap into hidden talents and interest


Just start and see where it takes you....you may be surprised
Just start and see where it takes you….you may be surprised

Often I’ve had someone tell me that they are not creative.  However, then s/he will come up with amazing ideas, completely re-

decorate a room or create a poem or picture that is amazing.

Often we have hidden talents and interest that we have not tapped into.

  1. Relax mind and pay attention to where your thoughts go
  2. Relax body and see what you migrate towards.  Is it singing a song?  Drawing a picture? Redecorating a room?  Designing a new wardrobe?
  3. Just start with something and see where it leads you
  4. Is there something you always wanted to try but were afraid?  You have nothing to lose, and maybe you’ve discovered a new hobby.
  5. Try creating either first thing in the morning or late at night—people are often most creative at
    What would your inner child do?
    What would your inner child do?

    these two times of day.

  6. Exercise can bring changes to the brain to help you become more creative.
  7. Get in touch with your inner child—what did you love to do as a child?  What do you wish you could do now?
  8. Be gentle with yourself—it’s okay not to be perfect.  I have a habit of setting high standards, but sometimes I just need to breathe and allow myself to try without being perfect.
  9. Take an inventory—is there a group, interest or place you naturally migrate towards or show interest.  Why is this?  What about it appeals to you?  What does this show about your true interest?


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Caregiving Monday: 10 Arts and Crafts Ideas for Senior Adults

At 90 years old, GG* still attends crafts at church each Tuesday morning.

GG has always loved crafts and enjoyed numerous projects over the years.  Although she’s not able to do as much as she once was, just the fellowship is good for her.

Some craft ideas are:

  1. Make a book—cutting out various pictures from magazines and writing memories that go with the pictures, they can create a
    Sand Art is a Fun and Enjoyable Activity
    Sand Art is a Fun and Enjoyable Activity


  2. Crochet/Knit—this is a popular pastime and even with numb hands, GG continues to occasionally pass the time in this way.
  3. Sand Art—I tried this with a group this weekend, and it was a huge hit.  They can mix and match an assortment of sand colors.  There are also numerous plastic containers that can be chosen and this is a very affordable craft.
  4. Flower Arrangements—whether the flowers are real or silk, this is a great idea for decorating a room or giving as a gift.  With dried flowers there are numerous other ideas such as potpourri and dried flower sachets.
  5. Bead Projects—GG has made bead dolls, trees, ornaments and other items with various beads over the years.  We still have many of these and they are beautiful.
  6. Blankets—there are great ideas for blankets, whether it is sewing one or creating a No Sew Fleece
    What better way to say "Thinking of You" than with a homemade card?
    What better way to say “Thinking of You” than with a homemade card?


  7. Collage—using the pictures cut out from magazines create a collage or memory board
  8. Make Cards—I love this idea, because who doesn’t love getting a card?  Cards can be made for numerous occasions from Christmas and Valentine’s Days to Thinking of You to Happy Birthday to Thank You Cards and much more.
  9. Color Decorations—whether it is coloring shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day, cut out Valentines for Valentine’s Day, decorate Easter Eggs, or make candy canes there are numerous ideas for making and coloring decorations for use.
  10. Paint Bottles—again there are numerous ideas out there that can be used for decorations.


Join the Conversation: What other arts and crafts ideas can you think of?

*Name Altered


Creativity Thursday: 9 Reasons Why Natural Talent Is Not Enough

Practice makes a big difference
Practice makes a big difference



“I’ve got natural talent, that should be enough,” we’ve all heard someone say this.  However, there are times when it is not enough.

There is the story of the classical pianist who practiced fifteen hours a day and traveled the country performing.  However, when he stopped practicing on a daily basis, he began to play the same pieces all the time and felt mundane in his work.  When he noticed this he began to practice again and saw a difference in the bookings he received and his audience.

So why isn’t natural talent enough?


  1. There is always someone better than you and someone worse than you
  2. We live in a critical society

    Practice Brings Progress...will you be just okay or the best? What does your practice say about you?
    Practice Brings Progress…will you be just okay or the best? What does your practice say about you?
  3. To be the best you have to stay at the top of your game.  How many times have we heard of a performer that allowed success to go to his/her head and spiraled out of control?
  4. Regardless of our specialty, we need to continue to learn new methods, ideas and styles in the industry.
  5. Practice, Practice, Practice makes the best.   Unfortunately at times this isn’t even enough!
  6. We have to work hard to get to the point of success with our talent
  7. Often in order to achieve a goal or the point of success something else has to be sacrificed.  Only the individual can decide what that sacrifice is and if they are willing to make it.
  8. We need to be pushed out of our comfort zones.  This is usually best done with a coach.  We often think of a sport coach or fitness coach pushing us, but there are other types of coaches.  This can be a critique group, a creativity coach or a coach specialized in the field of study {vocal coach, art coach, writing coach, etc}.
  9. Perseverance—often reaching goals and being successful takes persistence.  Imagine if Benjamin Franklin gave up the first time he tried his theory of electricity or Alexander Graham Bell gave up when he was working on the telephone?

It is human nature to think that we are the best and only one that will succeed.  Cities such as New York, Los Angeles and Nashville are full of talented individuals striving to make their mark in the industry and craft of their choosing.  However, only a small handful find success.

Often it’s not the most talented, but the most persistent that eventually succeed.


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