Trinity Christian  Life Coaching


Trinity Christian Life Coaching is part of Diana Leagh Matthews Ministries.


Diana Leagh Matthews is a vocalist, motivational speaker, Christian life coach, freelance writer, songwriter, web designer and genealogist.   Wellness life coaching is one of her specialties.   Diana Leagh Matthews

Leagh studied life coaching at Light University and is a certified life coach through American Association of Christian Counselors.  She is currently working towards her Master’s in Life Coaching.

Leagh made a lot of bad decisions for a number of years and her life spiraled out of control.  During this time she discovered that her life was out of sync.  This was when she discovered the need for coaching in all areas of her life.  She’s worked hard to get her life back on track and move forward to be as healthy and fit as possible in all areas of her life.

Some areas have been more difficult than others to get under control, but she continues to set goals and move forward to become a better version of herself.

Leagh will help you to set goals, overcome obstacles and move forward during this time of transition in your life.

To find out more about her you can check out her website at  www.dianaleaghmatthews.com