Leagh has a Bachelor’s of Arts from Lander University.  Her major was in music, but she has a minor in Psychology.

Leagh has over 27+ hours in Life Coaching training from Light University.

Leagh has considerable experience in listening, consulting and coaching through previous jobs, activities and other endeavors.

Leagh is a member of AACC {American Association of Christian Counselors}     aacc

Leagh continues to pursue additional training on an ongoing basis, in a variety of forms and mediums


Leagh’s specialties came from her own interest and life experience.

Quick overview:

Caregiving: Leagh has cared for various  family members for 20+ years.  She worked as a professional caregiver for 4+ years.  She has worked with numerous agencies over the years.   Leagh also appears for music therapy sessions and music performances at area nursing facilities on a monthly basis.

Creativity: Leagh is very creative.  She is a writer, speaker,  pianists, and vocalists.  She loves to learn new crafts and is always experimenting.  She is always looking for new and unique approaches to various issues and problems.  Leagh feels most alive when she is able to express her creativity.

Transitions: Leagh has gone through numerous transitions over the years. including two divorces, dealing with death, 30+ moves, and numerous career and/or job changes.

Health and Wellness: Leagh has struggled with her weight for the last 20 years.  She is determined to conquer this issue.  She has also struggled with other areas of wellness, including depression and finances.  You can join Leagh on her journey as she chronicles her struggles on Tuesday’s in these areas.