What is Creative Coaching?

A creative coach focuses on your artistic talents, desires and needs.  The heart of creativity includes curiosity, playfulness and wonder.  The more you create the easier it becomes.


Your Creative Life Coach
• can help you access strengths, inner wisdom, and talents
• can help you investigate old habits and patterns
• can provide you with new tools for personal change and growth
• can teach you how to use the creative process as a template for living
• can create and hold a safe space in which you can explore your feelings


Creative Acts:

  •  they bring you joy and delight
  •  they wake you up to the beauty of the world
  •  they feed your creative mind
  •  they brighten the lives of others
  •  they let your inner artist child come out and play
  •  they remind you that creativity is easy, irresistible and fun!


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