How long does it last?
That depends on you and your goals.  Change takes time and I suggest that you commit to at least 3 months of coaching. Depending on your goals and progress, coaching can last from three months to a year.


How is coaching beneficial?
The coach will give you the skills and tips you need.  The coach will be your cheerleader, encourage you and hold you accountable to reach the goals we’ve set.


Are you a counselor?
No, I’m not a counselor.  My goal as a coach is to look forward to the future and set goals.  If you’re still struggling with issues from the past then this may not be the right time for coaching for you.  You may want to find a counselor or have your life coach and counselor work together to help you move forward.


What does Christian life coach mean?
That means that we will begin and end the session with prayer, you will be asked to read scripture, Bible passages will be used as reference and we will seek God’s will in setting goals and moving forward.


How is coaching done?
Coaching can be done in person, via email, and over the phone.


How do I know my information will stay confidential?
Everything you share in coaching stays completely confidential


How do I pay?
There is a paypal link on my website or I can send you an invoice mail me a check.  All payments must clear before coaching begins.


How often will life coaching occur?
We will arrange phone calls at both of our convenience.  I ask that you please be distraction free during the time that we talk.  We will talk twice a month {every fortnight –2 weeks} for 50 minutes.  Please feel free to email me in between our calls if questions arise or you just need encouragement.


What is required of me?
On each phone call we will access the progress you’ve made, your current goals and any obstacles in the way.  I ask that you be honest with me and willing to do the work necessary to make the changes you are aiming for.

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