Dealing with Family issues

Time and again I hear about various family issues with families.

This can run the gamut from one child carrying the burden of caregiving alone to money and legal issues.

Caregiving is very tiring and quote

On top of this many caregivers are working jobs and caring for families in addition to their caregiving duties.

Caregiving takes a village.  The more people on your team that can share the burden, the easier it is for everyone.

However, that is seldom the case and often one or two people are left with the burden all on their own.

So what can you do if you need help?

  • Be honest and ask
  • Explain the situation and needs to others
  • Hire a team if you’re able to

Sadly, there are times when no solution is found between other parties.  I hear stories where this is the case on an almost daily basis.

I wish I could provide a solution.  However, the only answer I have is to pray and seek God’s guidance.

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