Creative Thursday: The Importance of Networking

This is the time of year that many conferences are taking place.

Networking is essential to most of the creative arts.  Often it is all about who you know that allows you the break you are looking for.

So what are some great ways to network?

  1. Workshops—often are for just a few hours or days, concentrating on one emphasis to help you grow, learn and improveworkshops
  2. Conferences—often last a weekend to a full week, offers numerous classes, opportunities for critique, networking opportunities and the chance to meet important people in your industry
  3. Critique Groups—groups that meet to share one another’s work and offer constructive advice on how to improve and make it better
  4. Classes—these can be anything from a music school to a theatre or art class to a continuing education class at a university.  You’re there with others of your skill level that also want to learn and grow. You could make friends, find accountability partners or even find someone to collaborate with.
  5. Networking Events—many communities offer networking events, check your local listings.  You can also check with the library, school or business that specializes in your interest.volunteer
  6. Volunteer—if you’re interested in theatre but unsure how to get started, volunteer to help with the sets, costumes, etc.  This is a great way to make friends, see what happens behind the scenes and ease yourself into this area of interest.  You never know what doors may open through this endeavor.  This is a great way to get involved with any creative interest.
  7. Mentor—a mentor is a great way to grow.  The mentor offers his/her expertise and advise, can offer contacts and networking opportunities you may not otherwise have.  The most difficult aspect is finding a mentor that has the time to take you under his/her wing.

What have you done to network?



The Importance of Networking

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