Creative Thursday: 5 Ways to Deal with Procrastination






I often find it too easy to procrastinate and put off both what needs to be done and has to be done.  These are a few things I have done that have helped me overcome procrastination.

  1. Self-Talk—often I just have to give myself a good lecture and remind myself that the sooner I get to work, the sooner I’ll be
    Schedule the tasks on your calendar
    Schedule the tasks on your calendar


  2. Scheduling—often I will schedule the task into my day, so that I have no choice but to complete it.  I often outline my day {and often week} the night before.  Knowing what I have to do keeps me on task and makes me more productive. Often doing the most difficult or dreaded chores first thing each morning, helps me stay on track and more productive.
  3. Deadline—even if I’m not on an official deadline, I will set my own deadline.  This helps me to stay on task and complete the work that needs to be done.
  4. Getting Rest—I often have a habit of working until I crash.  I’m slowly discovering if I schedule in time to rest, then once I return I am energized and more productive.
  5. Break the project down—some projects are too large to be finished in one sitting.  I will break down the project into smaller segments.  Each day I will work on one segment and before I know it I’ve been able to complete the project without completely overwhelming and stressing myself.

How do you deal with procrastination?

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