Caregiving Monday: 7 Struggles of Decline

Do you struggle with the slow decline of your senior adult?

Watching a parent age is very difficult.  Gradually the parent loses his/her ability to do many things.  This can include:loss of mobility

  • Loss of strength—maybe you have to open medicine bottles now, drink tops, etc.
  • Loss of mobility–is it more difficult to get around than it used to be?, does your loved one need assistance walking?
  • Loss of Senses–has the hearing gone?, is it more difficult to see?, are the taste buds disappearing?
  • Loss of Reasoning–is it more difficult to understand what is being said?, is it more difficult to comprehend circumstances?
  • Loss of memory—the memory begins to go and your loved one no longer remembers certain events.  The hardest thing is when the loved one no longer remembers you.
  • Loss of independence—unable to drive, need help with bathing, etc.
  • Loss of dignity—needs help with bathing and toiletry.  You may have to change their underwear while in bed.  Take every effort to help your loved one keep their dignity.  Don’t put them down.  Refer to it as underwear instead of a diaper.

How do you deal with these struggles?

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