7 Reasons for Anger in Alzheimer’s

Sadly, anger is prevalent at times in those that suffer from Alzheimer’s.

Sometimes this is due to their personality and life issues.  Often, this is because the person knows something is wrong, but can’t find the words to express what is wrong.

Dementia leads to anger in those with the disease
Dementia leads to anger in those with the disease

Some reasons for the anger may include:

  1. Unable to find words to express him/herself
  2. Is bothered by something but can’t express what
  3. Knows something isn’t right but isn’t sure what
  4. Is confused
  5. Is frustrated
  6. Is irritated by limitations {physical and/or mental}
  7. Paranoid of being talked about

Staying calm and helping the resident find ways to express him/herself is the best way to work through these bouts.

What do you do when your loved one expresses anger?

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