7 Benefits of a Caregiver Support Group

We all need support when dealing with caregiving
We all need support when dealing with caregiving

Caregiving is stressful.  Each caregiver deals with the stress in different ways, but the one thing that is evident is that it takes a toil on the mind, spirit and often even the body.

As an Activities Director I see this stress in a variety of different ways every day.

So I searched for an answer and decided to start a support group.

What are the benefits of a support group?

  1. A listening ear—we all need to vent and get our feelings out. This provides a safe place to release all of the frustration and tension that builds up.
  2. People that understand—the people there are in the same circumstance and know how you feel.
  3. A friendly smile—we all need a friendly smile and comforting nod.

    You Are Not Alone in your journey
    You Are Not Alone in your journey
  4. An outing—a chance to get out of the house for a short time
  5. Resources—other caregivers can provide resources that have been helpful to them to research and use.
  6. Tips and Suggestions—again, those in the support group can provide tips and suggestions to help with issues and frustrations.
  7. Opportunity to brainstorm—this group provides an opportunity to brainstorm for issues on how to overcome an obstacles or frustration.
  8. Bonus—New friends—this group provides you with the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

As a caregiver, I strongly encourage you to search for a caregiver support group in your local area.  If one is not available, then start one.

What benefits have you found in a support group?

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