Enthusiasm Matters in Creative Pursuits

piano“I can’t wait to come to piano,” are words I love to hear from my student’s mouths.  As a teacher, I love to have students that want to be here and want to learn.

I have had students of every age, capability and enthusiasm over the years.  I have learned to easily read those that want to be there, compared with those that don’t.  Sometimes I wonder why some of my students are still taking.  Often, it is because their parents wanted them to take.  The problem is that they do not enjoy the lesson, do not want to be there and have not looked at their books since the last time we were together.  They don’t have to tell me this is the case, it is obvious and I’ve often come to expect it.  Sadly, I am just as happy when these students quit as they are.

Maybe I should be a better teacher and try to build up some enthusiasm in them.  Sometimes this technique does work, but more often than not, I’ve discovered it to be short lived.

Then I have students, that bounce in and plop down on the piano bench.  Before I can ask about their assignment, they have their books opened and are playing their piece.  I often discover that in their enthusiasm they have even worked ahead in their books.  These are students that want to learn and look forward to it.  I love these students and look forward to our time together.

I can see the progress these students have made and know that it’s because of their enthusiasm.    enthusiasm

Do they practice daily?  Usually not!

Do they practice?  Yes!

Is there performance perfect?  Usually not!

Is their performance showing an increase in skill?  Absolutely!

Are they enjoying music lessons and learning?  Yes!

How often do we give 100% in enthusiasm to our project?

When you are working at your creative best this week, how much enthusiasm are you giving?

O%, 20%, 50%, 75%, or 100%?

If you had/have a teacher or mentor suddenly show up, what would s/he say about your enthusiasm and effort?

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