Caregiver Monday: Questions To Ask Before Your Parents Move In

The time may come when you need to move a parent or loved one in with you.  Talk with your spouse and children about the situation.  You need to take the feelings of anyone living with you into consideration.  Do you have room in your house?parents

The lady I sit with is in a basement apartment of her daughter’s house.  That works because she has her own personal space.  When her daughter is off she can go upstairs for a break.

Will the loved one be right there all the time?  Where will you go when you need to get away?  Will the loved one have their own room or space?  Remember s/he will also want/need their own space.

Other questions to ask may include: what safety precautions need to be made? how will this change our lives?  how will this affect our routines?  What does my spouse and children feel?

This isn’t a lighthearted decision to make.  You will need to talk with everyone involved about all aspects of this situation.  Don’t forget to pray about the best solution for you and your family.

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