Caregiving Monday: Why We Don’t Like to Be Reminded of Our Own Mortality

GG* has only one first cousin left on her mother’s side of the family.  Recently, another first cousin passed away.   GG’s  first reaction was “I’m the oldest now.” death

She said this with a badge of honor, that she was the oldest of the cousins.  However, there was also the unstated statement of “I’m next in line.”

Although she did not verbalize this statement, it was obvious this statement was on her mind.

The older senior adults become, the more aware they seem to become of their own mortality.  Some are more than ready to pass over when the time comes, while others are scared of fighting over.

I’ve discovered that many adults that have a personal relationship with Jesus are prepared for death, while those that do not have a relationship are scared.

However, there are also other factors that play into this feeling and belief.  For each person that feeling and belief is different.

What is important is to have an understanding of your senior adults feelings towards growing older and their own mortality.  Don’t be scared to ask why they have this feeling!

What issues have you dealt with?


*Name altered

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