Caregiving Monday: 5 Tips for the Professional Caregiver

compassion 2


Caregiving is challenging on its own, but even more so when the person is not your family.  You do not have the bond, connection and memories of the individual when they were younger and in the prime of their health.  However, you can develop a bond with the person and family over time.

When caregiving for a family there are so many things to be taken into consideration.  These factors usually boil down to the personality of each person involved.  This includes various family members, the caregiver and the person being cared for.

Caregivers can easily become frustrated when they do not agree with the family or feel their expertise is ignored by the family.  Some things to remember are:compassion

  • Be compassionate
  • Show respect
  • If your opinion is asked, share in a non-confrontational manner but remember the final decision is not yours
  • Honor decisions made, even if you don’t agree

Don’t tell family members they need to do such and such for their loved one

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