Caregiving Monday: 10 Ways to Use music to calm and minister

I’ve had some residents that would yell, become agitated, or have hallucinations. I’ve discovered I can use music to calm and minister to these residents.

  1. Using songs that are familiar helps the loved one feel comfortable because the song is familiar

    Music is theraputic
    Music is theraputic
  2. Singing hymns is often soothing
  3. Music that is calming or played softly often helps to deal with agitation. I’ve often found that piano music is great for calming the loved one, whether in person or through a CD.
  4. Nature sounds are a great way to calm agitation
  5. Hymns ministers to the soul
  6. Familiar songs can illicit happy memories
  7. Singing is often the equivalent to “praying twice”
  8. Music often speaks to the soul and can be used to help the loved one express themselves
  9. Use songs that help redirect the loved one into other thoughts or memories. For instance, ask “Did Dad sing let me call you sweetheart to you when you were courting?” or “did you see Wizard of Oz as a child?”  or “did you see {name artists} in concert?”
  10. Use movement to music to help the loved one stay active. This can be done in a variety of ways from playing a small handheld instrument to dancing to hitting a ball/balloon to moving with scarves to the music.

How do you use music to calm and minister?

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