Transitional Friday: 10 Lessons I Learned from Unemployment

unemployment line      For ten months I was unemployed, following the death of my boss.

Even before my job ended, I faced a cut in hours.

Unemployment is frustrating due to the financial instability and uncertainty.  There are moments when hopes are raised only to be dashed and other moments when life and circumstances seem hopeless.

As we’ve discussed in the past, for everything there is a season.  However, it is difficult to see over the horizon at times.

What I learned from unemployment:unemployment

  1. This is a learning and growth opportunity
  2. You will be tested and tried
  3. For every job, there are numerous others also applying for them
  4. Sometimes we have to be patient for God to orchestrate the necessary events for the job He has for us
  5. God may want me to go in a new direction
  6. This is an opportunity to pursue my creative dreams
  7. This is a great time to volunteer
  8. Networking is essential
  9. This is a great time to dig deep, discover who I am meant to be and God’s will for my life
  10. God will always provide for basic needs, but not our wants

What have you learned from unemployment?

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