Wellness Life Coaching Seminars and Workshops

Wellness Life Coaching Seminars and Workshops

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Developing Stronger Relationships
            Do you long for stronger relationships?  Do you struggle with opening up and sharing with those closest to you.  Leagh will help you work through these obstacles to open up and share your heart with those closest to you.

Financial Wellness
         Leagh will share her own stories of struggling with financial wellness.   She will provide insight and suggestions to get your finances in order and becoming financially well.

Help!  I’m Addicted
         Are you addicted to shopping?  How about food?  Leagh will share her struggle with overcoming both of these addictions and steps she took to move forward and begin the process of overcoming these addictions.

Living with PCOS
          Leagh will share her own struggles with PCOS.  She will share signs to look for, advice on when to see a doctor and healthy ways to deal with PCOS.

Developing a Deeper Spiritual Walk
                                    Do you want a deeper spiritual walk, but don’t know how to go about it.  There are numerous ways to draw closer to God.  Leagh will share many of these outlets with you and give you suggestions that you never imagined could be used to deepen your spiritual walk.

Discovering my Strengths and Weaknesses
                We all have strengths and weaknesses, but need to be aware of them to discover how to use them to the best of our abilities.  Leagh will help you discover these hidden gifts and talents in your strengths and weaknesses.  She will also give you tips on how to use them to enhance your life whether it is in your career or personal life.

Who Am I?
Leagh explores the four different types of personality.  She helps you to better understand your personality and why you may react the way you do.   She will also provide suggestions on successful ways to deal with the other personality types.

I Can Love Myself
                                    Do you struggle with self-esteem or self-confidence issues?  We will explore steps you can take to build self-esteem and self-confidence.  You have to love yourself before you can allow someone else to.

Creative Praying
                       Discover ways to pray in which you use your creative side.  Did you know that you can pray using dance, motion, music and art?  We will explore ways to pray using these mediums with and without words.


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