In-depth Look at Wellness Coaching

Anxiety and Depression Coaching

  • Examining causes
  • Exploring relaxation techniques
  • Cutting the “fat” from your life
  • Exploring moments of Gratitude

mental health

 Financial Coaching

  • Taking control of your money
  • Setting and achieving financial goals
  • Developing a budget that is within your means
  • Identifying additional income opportunities
  • Cutting expenses and eliminating debt
  • Developing a plan to save for emergencies
  • Improving communication about money
  • Eliminating money fights with your spouse


Physical Health Coaching

  • Exploring triggers
  • Developing an exercise plan
  • Learn about nutrition
  • Learning about healthy options to a hectic lifestyle

weight loss

 Play Coaching

  • Taking time for yourself
  • Developing habits and hobbies that are enjoyable
  • Finding ways to enjoy yourself


Relationship Coaching

  • Healthy boundaries
  • Communication skills and techniques
  • Working through issues and obstacles
  • Discovering ways to diffuse a heated conversation

rocking chairs 2

Rest Coaching

  • Taking time for yourself
  • Rest and relaxation techniques


Social Coaching

  • Working out of your comfort zone
  • Making new friends
  • Communication skills and techniques


Spirituality Coaching

  • Deeper personal relationship with God
  • moving forward in faith
  • daily Bible Study
  • Journaling
  • Prayer practices

praying devotions

Stress Coaching

  • Exploring triggers of stress
  • Developing relaxation techniques
  • Setting boundaries
  • Gratitude statements