Caregiving Monday: 10 Tips for Putting a Caregiver Plan in Place

Becoming a caregiver can be very overwhelming.  This is especially the case if the shift has been sudden instead of gradual.  Although it’s always best to discuss your parent’s wishes with them long in advance, there are times when that is not possible.  Here are a few tips to help you in putting a caregiving plan in place.

  1. Keep a list of important phone numbers of people to call.  Have one for both you and also a list for your loved one of phone numbers.lifeline
  2. Decide who will make the decisions.  Obtain a Power of Attorney. Even if it is just for medical needs, it is important to have one in place.
  3. Decide who will pay all of the finances and add them to the checking account.  Determine what can and cannot be afforded.  How much {if anything} are you or siblings able to assist financially?
  4. Determine what your loved one’s wishes are for the future as far as a nursing facility, funeral plans and if they want to be buried or cremated.  Go ahead and determine all of this in advance and it will not be as difficult later on.
  5. Obtain or update wills, living will, power of attorney, etc.
  6. If the individual is living alone {or with an older spouse} invest in a lifeline that can be used in case of falls.  If the individual is known to wonder you may want to invest in an electronic tracking device.
  7. Keep a list of the individual’s medicines for any future hospital or Dr visits.  Also determine if you need to prepare the medicine. medicines
  8. Access what your loved one is capable of.  Do they need meals prepared, someone with them at night, help with household and yard duties, are they even able to stay by themselves are all questions you need to take into consideration.  Then plan accordingly.
  9. Have a current picture on hand of your loved one if they have a tendency of running off.  You may also want to look into ID Jewelry.
  10. Investigate any needs to prevent falls.  Do they need handles at doors or in the shower?  A shower chair?  Are they in need of a walker or cane?  Do certain rugs need to be removed?  Determine the best course of action for fall prevention and implement


What else have you done to put a caregiver plan in place?



10 Tips for Putting a Caregiver Plan in Place