10 Ways Creativity Can Reduce Stress

I’ve discovered that when I work on my craft, I notice my stress level go down.   After some probing, I want to share the reasons that I came up with.

  1. We allow our minds to focus on something else then our current troubles.
  2. We are doing something that we enjoy.                pottery
  3. We are doing something that relaxes us.
  4. We are doing something that feels productive.
  5. We are creating something that expresses our hearts and feelings.
  6. We are using our craft as a way to vent or work through our thoughts and emotions.
  7. We are allowing ourselves the freedom to be who we are.
  8. We use our art as a form of meditation or worship.
  9. We have the freedom to mold our craft any way we desire.  We can add to, take away or start over.
  10. We can lift others up with the use of our craft.

In what ways do you use your craft to reduce stress?