Transitions Life Coaching Seminars

Transition Life Coach Seminar and Workshop Topics

Seeing You Thru the Transition

Working through Major Life Transitions
Regardless of the changes in our life, they all require a time of adjustment and transition.  Some take longer than others or are more difficult than others.  Sometimes we wish that someone would tell us the magical formula to get through this difficult time.  Leagh will share stories of both success and failure, along with tips on setting goals and moving forward.


When Life Forces You to Start Over
                Sometimes circumstances beyond our control derails our life.  Whether it is due to unforeseen situations, someone else’s actions or a natural disaster our lives has been thrown into upheaval.  Leagh walks you through steps to get your life back on track.


The Essence of Me
This intensive workshop is best held over a period of 8-12 weeks.  During this time we delve deep to discover who you are.  We explore personality, strengths and weaknesses, love languages, dreams and goals, spiritual gifts, the purpose of your life and much more during this time.


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