Ways to Volunteer at a nursing home




Are you looking for a way to volunteer?

Sadly, senior adults are often over looked when it comes to the volunteer pool.

Working in a skilled nursing facility I can assure you we are in great needs for volunteers.

Some ways you can help are:

Senior adults love to have someone to talk with or assist them in various tasks
Senior adults love to have someone to talk with or assist them in various tasks
  • Performance {music, dance, etc}
  • Present a class on a hobby or interest
  • Help with special events
  • Offer to help with regular activities {Bingo, various games, etc}
  • Read to residents
  • Help residents write a letter
  • Bring a Pet {you will need to provide verification of shots}
  • Beauty Regiment {Polish Nails, Hand Massage, Make up}
  • Provide books and magazines
  • Provide supplies for arts and crafts
  • Plant and maintain a garden
  • Donate supplies to be used as a giveaway {Mystery Auction, Bingo Store, Let’s Make a Deal, etc.}

Contact the activities office and inquire about ways you can help out.

An hour a week or a month is a huge help.

How do you volunteer with seniors?

Transitional Friday: Ways to Develop New Routines

Life is all about changes.  With change comes new routines.routines

When making new routines, the important thing is to discover what is the most important things that HAVE to be done in a day.  Some things that must be done are work, care for children, eat, exercise, etc.

In what ways is your spouse, children and important people in your life being put first?

Next, look at the parts of your life that can be cut or toned down. What things do you not enjoy doing any longer or has become a hassle? Are the children constantly being run to various lessons?   Can these lessons be cut in half?  Which volunteering options can be given up or put on hold?  Who can help you meet your needs? {This can include transportation, cooking, cleaning, etc.}

Next, what is left?  What do you enjoy doing? Is there a hobby you love?  Can you find an hour a week for that golf game, crafting project, etc.?

Developing new routines is all about setting priorities and pairing down!

How do you set new routines?

Transitional Friday: 7 Ways Starting a New Job Affects Life

Recently I started a new job.  Starting a new job is a huge transition.new job

Some aspects that need to be taken into consideration:

  1. Learning the duties and responsibilities of a new position
  2. Learning the daily routine and duties
  3. Discovering the new environment of the workplace
  4. Meeting co-workers and making friends
  5. Discovering the co-workers that are toxic {ie. Gossip, etc.} and keeping a cordial space
  6. Discovering how the new routine fits into family and private life
  7. Budgeting finances

How has starting a new job affected your life?