Caregiving Monday–Musical Ear Syndrome

music in earAfter GG* broke her neck four years ago, she began complaining about noises that were not there.   Often she hears people talking, songs that are not being played, etc.

A visit to the doctor and some research showed that she has a condition called musical ear syndrome.  This is most common in individuals with severe hearing loss.  After breaking her neck, GG developed severe hearing loss.

GG often tells us that we think she is crazy, but we actually believe her.  We understand what she’s dealing with but have a difficult time making her understand what she’s hearing.MES

Musical ear syndrome is classified as phantom sounds in the ear and brain that are considered “auditory hallucinations.”  More women than men are willing to admit that they suffer from musical ear syndrome.

Some enjoy the sounds or music they hear and others wish they would go away.

GG will sit in her chair and carry on a full conversation with these voices that are talking to them.  I’ve watched GG carry on a 20-30 min conversation with these individuals.  However, this is typical for individuals that struggle with musical ear syndrome {MES}.

Even though GG wears hearing aids and they help to an extent, they are not a catch all.

Do you know of anyone that struggles with MES?

*Name altered