Caregiving Monday: Celebrating 100 Years

Living 100 years is a major accomplishment.   The history, heartache and joys that have been experienced during this time are numerous.   I love to talk with those that have made reached this milestone {and those nearing it by 10-20 years}.  There is so much history and life lessons that can be learned.  If you know anyone close to such a monumental celebration, I encourage you to take the time to record a living history {record their memories and history}.

We’ve all seen on the Today Show where those celebrating 100+ years are recognized and honored.  But, how do they go about contacting the Today show and other agencies for this honor?

Below are some contacts to help:

The Today Show:  Please contact 6-8 weeks in advance

Williard Scott of The Today Show
Williard Scott of The Today Show

Send a written request with a photo, birth date, something unique/personal about the person (ie. hobbies, accomplishments) and a contact telephone number to (centenarians are picked randomly to be recognized on the show):

Willard Scott Birthdays TODAY show, NBC News 4001 Nebraska Avenue NW Washington, D.C. 20016 or email the information to:

According to their website: “If your grandmother is chosen, you will receive a phone call before the show airs. Otherwise, she will get a birthday letter from Willard Scott.”


National Centenarian Awareness Project

Form at


President of United States

Online form:

Mailed:  White House Greetings Office, Room 39, Eisenhower Executive Office Building, Washington, DC 20502. birthday card

Fax:  202.395.1232.

Include the full name(s), address and title (Miss, Mrs., Ms., Mr.) of the recipient, plus the date and event being celebrated. Also, include your full name and phone number in case there are any questions.

Please contact a minimum of 6-8 weeks in advance to receive on time.


Greetings From Past Presidents

  • Bill Clinton, Correspondence Director, Office of William Jefferson Clinton, 55 West 125th Street, New York, New York 10027, (f)212-348-9245
  • Office of George Bush, P.O. Box 79798, Houston TX 77279-9798
  • Jimmy Carter, Carter Center, 1 Copenhill, 453 Freedom Pkwy., Atlanta, GA 30307.
  • George W Bush, Office of George W Bush, PO Box 259000, Dallas, TX  75225


For residents of UK/Canada the Queen of England will send an acknowledgementcard from Queen

Send copy of birth certificate/proof of age to:

Assistant Private Secretary
Buckingham Palace, London

Write “Anniversary” in top left hand corner of envelope


Don’t forget to check with your state.   This information varies by state, but check the Governor’s office, Lt. Governor’s office or if there is an Office of Aging for the State.

In South Carolina, we have the SC Centenarian Society   form at


Other sources to consider or check with: {this can also be used for 50+ Anniversaries}100

  • Local newspaper
  • State newspaper
  • Society/organization individual was involved with
  • Church {they may want to honor the individual or write up an article for their newsletter}
  • Nursing facility {if they are in a nursing facility–they may throw a party or allow you to throw one.  Also, if they have a newsletter or announcement screen they may be willing to post the information.}

Please remember to give plenty of notice to any sources.   Also, the more accommodating and willing you are to provide requested items {information, memories, pictures, etc.} will be greatly appreciated.

What other sources do you recommend?