Caregiving Monday: 7 Tips for Staying in Touch with Senior Adults

You’ve heard the saying, “there’s nothing like being a grandparent,” but I think it’s even more so for great-grandparents.

Take Time to Show Your Senior Adult How to Email
Take Time to Show Your Senior Adult How to Email

GG* adores her great-grandchildren, but they live two hours away.  This often makes it difficult for staying in touch.

In this day and age of technology staying in touch is much easier than it used to be.

Some suggestions are:

  1. Email—many senior adults are now on email and can send letters back and forth.  If one party isn’t on email, perhaps a family member could email on their behalf.
  2. Text—I’ve heard many grandparents say that the best way to stay in touch with their grandchildren is through text messages.
  3. Facebook—this is one way to be able to see what is happening in your grandchildren’s lives and view pictures and updates.
  4. Skype—this is a great resource and it’s free {you just need a camera on your computer}.  This is a
    Skype is a wonderful way to visit long distance
    Skype is a wonderful way to visit long distance

    great option to be able to see one another and talk face to face when you can’t be together.

  5. Talk on the Phone—this is always a great option.  Even if it’s just a short weekly call to say hello, share news and say I love you.  This can mean the world to senior adults.
  6. Snail Mail—when all else fails, there is still snail mail letters that can be mailed back and forth.
  7. Visits—of course face to face visits are always the best.  Depending on the distance, even if you can arrange these for every few months to once a year, this is a great idea.  Remember some senior adults can’t stand a lot of noise or prolonged company.  If you live an hour or two away, planning to visit for 2-3 hours on a quarterly basis can speak volumes.

Join the Conversation: How do you stay in touch with loved ones?

*Name altered