Caregiving Monday: Personalities are Magnified in a Caregiving Situation

There are a number of personalities and every person is different.  Likewise every caregiving situation is different in some ways from all others.

Each person brings their own personality to the dynamics
Each person brings their own personality to the dynamics




One of the different things to keep in mind is the different ways the various personalities relate with one another.

In the case for my grandmother, she is very passive and we often wish she would be more vocal about her needs and wants.  My mom is the peace maker and calm one.  She keeps the peace.  I’m the passionate one.  I’m very protective and vocal when I notice an injustice or disservice towards my grandmother.

With the lady I sit with, there are three primary caretakers.  The three of us are very different and diverse in our personalities, interest and attitudes.  However, the three of us balance one another out.  One characteristic that is a weakness to one person may be a strength to another.

When dealing with the loved one you’re caring for, siblings, aunts and uncles, cousins, mixture of personalitiesfriends or other people assisting with the care of your loved one, then you have to find the balance that works best for you.  The one thing you want is to keep the environment calm and safe for your loved one.

Often I hear stories of the person receiving care being the volatile person.  This makes the situation a lot more different.  When I was caring for my ex-husband’s grandfather, there were times when he was never happy no matter what was tried.  On more than one occasion I had the plate of spaghetti I fixed for his dinner thrown at the wall because he wanted to be contrary.  This is difficult to deal with on a constant basis.  Again the mix of personalities will dictate the best way to deal with this situation.  All I can say is pray hard, remain calm, allow space if possible and seek help when necessary.

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