Transitional Friday: 10 Questions to Ask if Our Choices Matter

life is all about choices




When I reached adulthood, I made a lot of dumb choices.  At the time I did not think about the long term affect these choices would have on my life.  Some of these choices effected the direction of my life, made life a lot more difficult and cost me some of my dreams.

I didn’t stop to think or pray about what I was doing and I did not consider the long term cost these decisions would have on my life.

Some questions we can ask when looking at our choices and decisions are:

  1. How does this affect me now?choices
  2. How will this affect my future?
  3. Is this a want or a need?
  4. Does this have a life and death impact?
  5. Can I wait or postpone for a better future?
  6. Do I feel pressured to make this decision or change?
  7. What does The Bible say about this situation?
  8. What does my gut say?
  9. Am I following my intuition, my heart, my dreams or my hormones?
  10. What does God say about this?

Most importantly, take time to pray and ask God for guidance and direction.

What mistakes have you made that you wish you could change

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