Creative Thursday: Worshiping God With A Creative Spirit

Often we think that we can only worship God through prayer and Bible study.  This is a great way to worship God and very important, but it’s not the only way to worship God.  There are some creative ways that we can also worship our Lord and Savior.


  1. Journaling—journaling is very popular and you hear many people talking about journaling.  Journaling allows you to pour out your feelings on paper.  I often find that when I pray I can’t find the words, but when I write a letter to God the words just pour forth.  Journaling comes in many forms: writing God a letter, keeping your thoughts in a daily journal, journaling
  2. Art Journaling—I had a friend that introduced me to this recently and I found it greatly freeing.  Again, there are numerous options to what you can do.  This can be coloring a picture, drawing a picture, stamping, cutting out designs to paste on the page, etc.  Within the picture or design you can write your prayers or you can allow your picture to show your prayer or just pray as you journal.
  3. Painting or Sculpture—a few years ago our church had a man come in and paint a picture of Jesus during the service.  The skills of this man is amazing and he worked so fast.  We may not be at this skill level but can still paint or create a sculpture while praying and praising God.
  4. Dance—dance is a great way to praise God and show him your heart.  This can be done in church or the privacy of your home.  Often we hear churches say that we should not dance, but we’re told that King David danced for the Lord with great abandon.  If he can do it why can’t we?  {2 Samuel 6}   dancing for God
  5. Music—in church music is a vital part of worship, but you can also worship through music in your home or car.  Whether you play an instrument or just sing to the Lord.  We are told to “make a joyful noise.”  {Psalm 95:2}  As musician there are times I cannot find the words to express my heart to God, but can lift up my voice to the Lord in song.  I always feel better.  Whether you turn on the radio, sing a capella, play a CD, use soundtracks or play your own music, God doesn’t care as long as we praise Him.  Music also lifts the mood.
  6. Drama—this most likely would be done in a group, but you could also act out a scene or monologue in the privacy of your home.  Drama is a great way to express yourself and show God your heart.
  7. Design—this option has numerous possibilities, because you could design an area in your home to pray and worship, design a piece of jewelry to wear, design a craft project, etc.  Just remember that regardless of what you are designing, you are doing it to the glory of God.

What are some creative ways you’ve worshipped God?



Worshiping God With A Creative Spirit

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