Caregiving Monday: 10 Arts and Crafts Ideas for Senior Adults

At 90 years old, GG* still attends crafts at church each Tuesday morning.

GG has always loved crafts and enjoyed numerous projects over the years.  Although she’s not able to do as much as she once was, just the fellowship is good for her.

Some craft ideas are:

  1. Make a book—cutting out various pictures from magazines and writing memories that go with the pictures, they can create a
    Sand Art is a Fun and Enjoyable Activity
    Sand Art is a Fun and Enjoyable Activity


  2. Crochet/Knit—this is a popular pastime and even with numb hands, GG continues to occasionally pass the time in this way.
  3. Sand Art—I tried this with a group this weekend, and it was a huge hit.  They can mix and match an assortment of sand colors.  There are also numerous plastic containers that can be chosen and this is a very affordable craft.
  4. Flower Arrangements—whether the flowers are real or silk, this is a great idea for decorating a room or giving as a gift.  With dried flowers there are numerous other ideas such as potpourri and dried flower sachets.
  5. Bead Projects—GG has made bead dolls, trees, ornaments and other items with various beads over the years.  We still have many of these and they are beautiful.
  6. Blankets—there are great ideas for blankets, whether it is sewing one or creating a No Sew Fleece
    What better way to say "Thinking of You" than with a homemade card?
    What better way to say “Thinking of You” than with a homemade card?


  7. Collage—using the pictures cut out from magazines create a collage or memory board
  8. Make Cards—I love this idea, because who doesn’t love getting a card?  Cards can be made for numerous occasions from Christmas and Valentine’s Days to Thinking of You to Happy Birthday to Thank You Cards and much more.
  9. Color Decorations—whether it is coloring shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day, cut out Valentines for Valentine’s Day, decorate Easter Eggs, or make candy canes there are numerous ideas for making and coloring decorations for use.
  10. Paint Bottles—again there are numerous ideas out there that can be used for decorations.


Join the Conversation: What other arts and crafts ideas can you think of?

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