Creative Thursday: Does Your Environment Effect Your Work?

Where do you work on your creative projects?  Do you find that some areas bring you down?  Is there anything preventing you from your work?

I mainly work at home, but there are times when I discover that I cannot get into the groove.  There are too many other things that distract me.  When that happens, I have to get away in order to accomplish my goals.  At the moment I’m writing this at GG’s house {she has no internet to distract me}.  creativity-300x219

So what can I do so that my environment does not affect my work?

  1. Set a dedicated space to work—whether this is a corner or a room, find an area just for work
  2. Turn off distractions—turn off the television, internet and other distractions.
  3. Use Music—find music that allows me to concentrate and get into the needed mood and groove
  4. Explore other areas—find other places to work such as a coffee shop, library, park, etc.   Often just a change of scenery helps.
  5. Schedule time to work—schedule the time to work on your craft.  Knowing it’s on the schedule and has to be done is a huge help at time.
  6. Decorate—decorate your area to inspire you and your creative medium
  7. Do Not Disturb—Let your family and friends know that you are working during this time and cannot be disturbed.

What have you done to make your environment more attractive for working?



Does Your Environment Affect Your Work?