Caregiving Monday—Lifeline A Life Saver

elderly cautionOver the weekend, GG* gave us a good bit of excitement.

We received a call from lifeline on Saturday afternoon stating that GG was not responding.  Mama headed that way, while I called a neighbor and asked her to check on GG.

There are times when GG accidentally presses her lifeline or will press it due to hallucinations. We felt sure that this was why she’d pressed the lifeline this time.

However, the neighbor was able to assure us that this was a genuine need.  GG was weak after using the bathroom, lost her balance and fell into the shower.  Thankfully she as alright, but EMS arrived to help her up and check her over.  If there had been a serious injury, we know from experience, they would have transported her to the ER.

Having the lifeline is a saver.  GG did not have to stay in the tub until I arrived later that evening.  The EMS was able to safely get her up and check her over.  Lifeline promptly sent EMS out when they were unable to get an answer {sometimes this is due to GG being hard of hearing, but we’ve come to realize it is better safe than sorry}.  lifeline

By the time Mama arrived, EMS was on the scene and helping GG to her feet.

Although GG has someone with her on a daily basis and we stay with her at night, we are unable to be with her around the clock.  Knowing that she has her lifeline in case of an emergency is a relief to us as caregivers.  We know that she will press the button {as long as she’s physically able} to summon help.  It helps to know that someone is there to help her when we’re not.

Earlier this year, GG had a neighbor that refused to take the necessary precautions to prevent her numerous falls.  This resulted in a sad tragedy.

We do not want that for GG and encourage her to take her precaution necessary.  Having the lifeline is just an additional precaution in providing the best care necessary for GG.

What precautions do you take to prevent falls?


*Name altered


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