10 Different Ways to Pray

Prayer often scares people.  They feel that they have to use lofty words and long sentences.  This is not true.  God wants us to talk with him the way we would talk to a friend.  We are all unique and created in God’s own image.  What works for one person may not work for another.  I decided to list ten ways in which we can lift our hearts up in prayer to God.

  1. Short prayers throughout the day—often instead of one big long prayer; God would like short prayers from us throughout the day.  He wants to be with us always, not just at a certain appointed time and then we forget Him the rest of the day.  Ask for God to be with or help people that you see or come to mind throughout the day.    art journaling
  2. Journaling—writing out our feelings to God is a great way to share our heart with Him.  Often I have trouble verbalizing my heart to Him, but once I begin to write it out, my feelings pour forth.   These are for His eyes only.
  3. Art Journaling—I was recently introduced to this technique and loved it.  You could put on some praise music or do this in silence.  Draw your feelings or the people on your heart {God even accepts my stick figures} and use this time to just worship Him and share your heart.  Your pictures can be as simple or intricate as you choose, He knows your heart.
  4. Music—I love to sing.  I find that just crying out to God in song or praising His name; can lift both my heart and my mood.   God wants us to praise Him, as well as tell Him how we feel.  He loves music and King David praised Him through the use of music.
  5. Dance—speaking of King David, he also danced for the Lord.  If you enjoy dancing, this is another way of expressing yourself before God.      Dance
  6. Walking—I love to talk with God while I walk.  Even if others are around, it’s just the two of us together in the spirit.  I’m working my body and worshiping with Him at the same time.
  7. Getting out in nature—nature is full of the reminder of God’s goodness and love for us.  All around is the beauty of the things that He made with His own hands.  Whether you are on the top of the mountain or sitting by the river’s edge, you can spend time worshiping with Him.
  8. Tears—tears cleanse the soul.   We’re even told that “Jesus Wept”.  Sometimes we just need to have a good cry and let it all out.
  9. Own our Bible—at a conference I met a wonderful lady who is such a prayer warrior.  I often saw her own her knees in prayer throughout the day.  However, on a couple of occasions I saw her pray in a way that I had never thought of before.  She had her Bible open to a passage that spoke to her and was laid out across the Bible with her arms stretched out.  I quickly passed by not wanting to interrupt her time of worship.  However that sight has stayed with me.
  10. Joyful exclamations—we can also joyful exclaim God’s name and promises and at the same time to tell the devil to go back to whence he came.  What better way to worship then to lift God up and proclaim His name?

Have you thought of praying in any of these ways?  Would you be willing to try one new area of prayer this week?  Are there other ways in which you pray?  What are they?

worship in nature