Creative Thursday: Exploring Your Creative Desires

Do you have ideas that come a mile a minute?  Do you have numerous outlets or interest to try?  Would you like to make a living with your creative desires?

Creative types often deal with all of these questions.

So how do you determine answers to these questions?

  1. Write your ideas outartistic
  2. Try different things
  3. Determine what you can’t do
  4. Determine what you enjoy doing and want to continue to explore
  5. Is this just a hobby and for fun?
  6. Is this something you dream about making a living out?
  7. Can you eat, sleep and breath this creative style
  8. How can your ideas be implemented into your medium of choice?
  9. Are you willing to learn and develop your skills?
  10. Are you willing to take chances and step out of your comfort zone to meet your goals?
  11. Do you have the financial resources to pursue your dream?
  12. Write out your goals and a plan to get from where you currently are to where you want to be.

What other steps would you recommend to explore your creative desires?



Exploring Your Creative Desires

Discovering your creative talents