Creative Thursday: Saying Thank You

I had several piano teachers as a child and young person.  I learned something from each of these teachers.

tough teachers              By far the hardest teacher was the one I had in high school.  She was extremely tough on me and even difficult at times.  We often disagreed.  Our biggest obstacle was I wanted to play other styles than just classical and she refused.  Even a hymn would have been nice, but she was resistant to anything but classical music.  This led me to become greatly discouraged and not practiced what she assigned as much as I should.  I’d rather play what appealed to me.

The punishment for not practicing and being as polished as she preferred was to receive a smack on the knuckles.  {I don’t recommend this.}  However, because she pushed me, I was able to receive a partial scholarship the first time I went to college.

Once I became a teacher and had my own roll of students, I was able to better understand where this former teacher of mine was coming from.  I was greatly discouraged when students did not practice or seem to care.  Believe me, a teacher can tell!  thank you

I had a greater appreciation for this woman and the discipline she instilled in me.  Ironically, today I greatly enjoy playing classical pieces; although that is not the only style I play.

A few years ago, I decided to say thank you to this woman.  I wasn’t sure if she’d even remember me, but I wrote her a thank you note telling her how much I appreciated her and all that she taught me.  I never received a reply, but felt considerably better just knowing that I had said thank you.

What teacher’s do you need to thank?



Saying Thank You to Our Teachers 

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