Dealing with Hallucinations in Alzheimer’s

I had one lady that often saw people were not there.  There were times when she would have conversations with them for hours on end.

Often these conversations were very informative and entertaining.

Those with dementia often experience hallucinations
Those with dementia often experience hallucinations

Hallucinations are common for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

There are a variety of reasons but the most common are the interaction of medicines and the disease.

However, I’ve also spent enough time with Alzheimer’s patients that I believe they often see things we can’t see.  For some reason, they’re able to see the veil between our world and the spirit world that is hidden from the rest of us.

I’ve seen some family members and CNAs argue and try to convince the resident that no one is there.  However, this often leads to more agitation.

So instead, just listen and love your new one.

Who knows what new friends your loved ones may introduce you to?

How have you dealt with hallucinations in a loved one?

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