Beware of those Taking Advantage of the Elderly

In the process of moving my grandmother, we came across a couple who at first appeared to be very helpful and considerate.  However, the more time spent together the more we discovered how much they were attempting to take advantage of the situation.  Even when boundaries were set in place they attempted to cross over these boundaries.

Beware of those out to take advantage of the elderly
Beware of those out to take advantage of the elderly

They were very good at what they had done and we heard enough tales from others to discover this couple had their act down to a science.

Thankfully we were there to protect and watch out for my grandmother.  However, dealing with these individuals was a great headache and very stressful.

Sadly, this couple is not alone and there are numerous individuals out there willing and ready to take advantage of the elderly in a variety of ways.

So how can we prevent this?

  • Be aware of who the elderly are talking with
  • Block soliciting calls
  • Assist with their bills to make sure they are not sending money to scammers
  • Be the front person for any transactions
  • Instruct your elderly parent not to allow strangers in the house

How have you protected your loved ones from being taken advantage of?

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