Caregiving Monday: A Rite of Passage

90Friday is a very big day in our family.  GG* will turn 90.  This a huge rite of passage and milestone.

GG has been looking forward to this moment for the past year.  The day after she turned 89, she would tell people “I’ll be 90 in 364 days.” From that time on she has been counting down.

GG is slowing down and I don’t know how many more years she will be with us, but we are going to honor and celebrate this milestone with her while we have the opportunity.  We have a number of events included and surprises for her on this special day.

I’ve discovered that the older an individual becomes, the greater the bragging rights.  As senior adults grow closer to 90 and even 100, the greater the bragging rights they have.  I’ve even sat among a room of senior ladies, who do their best to outbid one another in their age.

“Well, I’m 89 years old and 6 months.”

“I’m 89 and 10 ½ months.”90 years

“I’m 91 years old.”

“I’m 94 years old and 9 months.”

“Well, I’ll be 100 in three days.”

This is just some of the conversation you hear among these senior adults.  I find it very sweet and heartwarming to see how proud they are of their age and the wisdom these individuals extol on the younger population.

Just as turning 16, 21, 25, and 40 were rites of passages for many of us in our younger days, each birthday becomes a rite of passage and bragging rites as you grow older.

What birthday was a rite of passage for you or a loved one?

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