Transitional Friday: 9 Lessons from Living with Parents





After leaving an abusive marriage, I moved home with my mom.  I’m not alone, more and more children are moving back in with their parents.  The reasons for this is as vast as the ocean.

This gave us the opportunity to heal both old and new wounds.

However, living with a parent is not easy, when you move back in as an adult.

Some lessons to remember:

  1. This is an opportunity to get to know one anotherparents
  2. Once a mother, always a mother—even when you don’t want to be mothered
  3. Set boundaries for all involved
  4. Define each person’s responsibilities
  5. Use this opportunity to heal old wounds
  6. Get back to your roots to discover who you really are at heart
  7. Family knows you better than anyone
  8. This is as big a transition for our parents, as it is for us
  9. No one loves you the way a parent{s} can

What lessons have you learned from living with parents?

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