7 Ways to Calm Agitation in Alzheimer’s

I shared recently about how Alzheimer’s patients can become fixated on various things.

Alzheimer’s patients can easily become agitated.

Calming others is never easy
Calming others is never easy

So what do you do when nothing works to redirect your loved ones?

  1. Use a lot of patience
  2. Try a change of scenery {go to another room or outside}
  3. Continue to keep trying to redirect and divert attention
  4. See if softly singing or playing a CD will help
  5. Walk out of the room and see if being left alone helps {sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t}
  6. Pray for patience and guidance. I’ve even prayed over a person and find that this often works.
  7. Create a calm environment and allow to get some sleep. This often leads to increased agitation.

How do you calm agitation when nothing else works?

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