Caregiver Monday: 13 Ways to Assist a Caregiver

Do you have a friend, co-worker, neighbor, church member or acquaintance that is a caregiver?  Have you wondered how you can help?

  • Pray daily for home bound person and caregiver

    Prayer changes things
    Prayer changes things
  • Offer transportation to doctor appointments
  • Offer to pick up and take home for church
  • Make weekly phone calls
  • Send cards to say “thinking of you”
  • Visit regularly with treats {fruit basket, coffee, sweets, news, etc}
  • Read to the person or offer audiobooks {many libraries have these}
  • Offer to assist with letters or cards need to write
  • Prepare weekly meals
  • Offer to visit/sit and relieve caregiver
  • Volunteer to help with housework, handyman services, lawn care, etc.
  • Make sure there is a working telephone system in place
  • Take a copy of the bulletin and DVD of the service

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