10 Memory Stimulating exercises

Stimulating the mind and memory are great tools for dementia and Alzheimer’s patient.  Even in the most advanced stages they can do simple task.

The interest and ability of each person is different, however some suggestions are:

Music has a healing power
Music has a healing power
  1. Checkers
  2. Tic tac toe
  3. Cards—Uno, Old Maid, etc.
  4. Puzzles—even if it is the simple 10 piece puzzle
  5. Word Search Puzzles
  6. Fill in the Blanks—we will take a familiar hymn, song or piece of scripture and remove 1-2 words to allow the patient to fill in the blanks {ex. For God so loved the {world}; How {Great} thou art; Jesus love {me}}
  7. Music—often songs bring back memories of days gone by
  8. Computer based games such as Smartbrain
  9. Dominoes or Qwirkle
  10. Household Chores—this is great for more advances cased. Simple task such as folding socks or washcloths, planting seeds, mixing ingredients, dusting, etc.


What exercises do you use to stimulate the mind?

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