Caregiving Monday: 10 Christmas Ideas for Senior Adults

Don't dread the holidays
Don’t dread the holidays




Often it is difficult to know what to buy for senior adults.  They seem to have everything they need or want.  With Christmas approaching, we find ourselves asking, what can I purchase for Grandma, Grandpa, etc.

Several suggestions are:

  1. Mints—GG* loves peppermints and goes through a handful a day.  Each Christmas my brother gives her a huge box that last for the next year.
  2. Kleenex—senior adults go through a number of Kleenex.  Every time I prepare to do laundry for GG I have to go through all of her sleeves and pockets.
  3. Bath Items—body wash and other items for bath are often big hits.  I had one lady today request body wash.
  4. Everyday items—whether it is denture tablets, eye glass cleaner, muscle rub, toilet paper, dish soap, or other standard items, these need to be replaced on a regular basis.  Prepare a basket of all of your senior adults favorite items.  One year my sister wrapped up a case of toilet paper and gave that to GG.  If you’d seen GG’s face when she opened her present, you would think she’d just won the lottery.

    Brighten it up and make it special for Grandma
    Brighten it up and make it special for Grandma
  5. Robes and Slippers—senior adults often stay cold and enjoy warmer items of clothing.  Robes and slippers are great.
  6. Blankets—blankets are great in the winter {and often even the summer} for staying warm.
  7. Clothing—clothing needs to be replaced, as favorite items are worn out.  Whether your senior adult dresses up every day, is in casual wear or in a nightgown, new pieces of clothing are needed throughout the year.
  8. Calendars—this is a great way to keep track of the day and season.  Add pictures of the grandchildren or great-grandchildren and you have a hit in your hands.
  9. Collectibles—often senior adults have lifelong collections they have built up.   GG collects lighthouses and we enjoy spoiling her and adding to her collection.  However, make sure your senior adult is not currently downsizing.
  10. Family Related—items that are family related are often a great hit, especially if they include the grandchildren or great-grandchildren.  The options are endless but could include blankets, pillows, calendars, ornaments, family histories, framed pictures, etc.

What gifts do your  senior adult enjoy receiving  for Christmas?  Why?

*Name altered

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