Transitional Friday: Finding Support in Life Transitions

There are times when we feel all alone or there is no one to talk with.  I’ve struggled with this often.  As a caregiver, I often find it difficult to have the opportunity to become involved with other groups or organizations due to my responsibilities.  However, regardless of where we are in life, we all need a support system. Finding support in life transitionssupport

  1. Have a friend to talk to—everyone needs a friend to confide in and trust, as well as to just hang out with and have fun at times.
  2. Find a support group—a group of likeminded people going through the same struggles often helps us to feel that we are not alone.
  3. Get involved with an organization like Celebrate Recovery or Divorce Care {if you are dealing with addiction or divorce}.
  4. Find programs for your need {ex. Several local churches have Employment Support Groups for those searching for jobs}journaling
  5. Don’t Be Afraid to Share Your Feelings—often we may be embarrassed to share our feelings, think no one cares or just be afraid to speak out.  We can’t keep it all bottled up, because this isn’t healthy.  We need to get it out and express ourselves.
  6. Try Journaling—often it helps to write your feeling.  If journaling doesn’t work, try expressing yourself through music or art.
  7. Get involved with a local church—find a local church to get involved and join a group {this could be a Sunday School class, small discussion group, senior adult group, Women or Men’s group, etc.}

Who supports you?



Finding Support in Life Transitions