When Alzheimer’s Becomes Fixated

Recently I sat with a man that had Alzheimer’s.  One of the side effects of the disease that was a common occurrence was that he became fixated on

People with Alzheimer's often become fixated on certain things
People with Alzheimer’s often become fixated on certain things


So what do you do when your loved one becomes fixated?

  • Try to divert attention
  • Try to change the subject
  • Change the location of scenery—such as another room
  • Sing a song
  • Read a story
  • Discuss a memory
  • May be tired and need to sleep

As with all things with this disease, sometimes these tips work and other times they don’t.

What does your loved one become fixated on?  How do you distract him/her?

Christmas and Alzheimer’s

I have one resident that says “Merry Christmas” every morning. Merry Christmas

Christmas is a special time and no one wants to be alone for the holiday.

However, we have to remember that the holiday can be overwhelming for those with Alzheimer’s.

Just make it simple.  Don’t overwhelm your loved one.

Carefully observe your loved one and if they are overwhelmed or tired, allow them the time to rest.

Understand that while your celebration may not be over, the time may come for your loved one to make an early exit.

How do you make Christmas special for your loved one?

12 Christmas ideas for the elderly

Often it is difficult to know what to buy senior adults for Christmas.

Some suggestions include:christmas

  1. Socks
  2. Clothing
  3. Night clothes
  4. Robe and slippers
  5. Lotion
  6. Baby powder
  7. Kleenex
  8. Stamps
  9. Calendar with family pictures
  10. Blankets or throws
  11. Gift certificate for grocery store or favorite restaurant
  12. Family pictures {frames, blanket, pillow, coffee mug, etc}

Often the best gift is just time with those they love.

What do you give your elderly loved one for Christmas?

How Alzheimer’s changes people

Alzheimer’s changes people.  The person we love is slowly slipping away before us.

Dementia changes the behavior of our loved ones
Dementia changes the behavior of our loved ones

Often people with Alzheimer’s will do or say things they may never have done before the disease.

For example, I had one lady whom her family said never cussed before she had the disease.  However, she will begin cussing at various times now.

Other times interest and taste may change over the course of the disease.

Sadly, the person we knew and loved is slowly disappearing before our eyes into a different person that is dictated by the disease.

How has your loved one changed due to Alzheimer’s?

7 Reasons for Anger in Alzheimer’s

Sadly, anger is prevalent at times in those that suffer from Alzheimer’s.

Sometimes this is due to their personality and life issues.  Often, this is because the person knows something is wrong, but can’t find the words to express what is wrong.

Dementia leads to anger in those with the disease
Dementia leads to anger in those with the disease

Some reasons for the anger may include:

  1. Unable to find words to express him/herself
  2. Is bothered by something but can’t express what
  3. Knows something isn’t right but isn’t sure what
  4. Is confused
  5. Is frustrated
  6. Is irritated by limitations {physical and/or mental}
  7. Paranoid of being talked about

Staying calm and helping the resident find ways to express him/herself is the best way to work through these bouts.

What do you do when your loved one expresses anger?