Caregiving Monday: 5 Steps of Grief

Your loved one will slowly decline and be able to do less than before.  During these changes you will find yourself grieving, just as you will when death claims the patient.  Allow yourself to work through the grief process and seek counseling if needed. grief

I’ve listed the five stages of grief here:

  1. Shock and Denial—you don’t want to accept the decline or loss; possibly the change is so sudden you’re in shock
  2. Anger—you find yourself angry at the changes in your loved one and situation.  Your heart grieves for them.
  3. Bargaining—you want to bargain with God or someone to make things better.
  4. Depression—you’re depressed over the changes
  5. Acceptance and Hope—you come to terms and accept the change or loss
starting over

Transitional Friday: 7 Lessons from Starting Over

starting over 2


I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve had to start over.   The reasons for this are varied, but include moving, divorce, starting a new job, returning to college, etc.

With the new year here, we are all making new resolutions.   Often this includes losing weight.  Yet, two weeks later we’ve given up.   New resolutions are all part of starting over and learning new ways and techniques to improve ourselves.

Starting over can be exciting when thinking about the new possibilities.  Each change brings new hopes and dreams. starting over

  1. Adjustment takes time
  2. Embrace the experience
  3. Be thankful for the opportunity
  4. Look forward—what hopes and dreams does this experience open up
  5. Remember God has you here for a reason
  6. What lessons can you learn from this experience
  7. This is a new beginning

What have you learned from starting over?